Let’s make it a healthier normal

Find the support you and your family need to live your best

COVID-19 is a significant public health challenge — but staying healthy is about more than avoiding the coronavirus. We must still do our best to avoid other illnesses, eat right, stay active, and find a new balance in our work and family lives. 

Your Equifax benefits are here for you. Check the sections below for tips that can help you stay healthy, save money, and support yourself and others during this challenging time. 

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Find Out if You Have COVID-19 Without Leaving Home

If you’re covered by an Equifax medical plan option, you can order an FDA-approved, do-it-yourself, at-home COVID-19 test at no cost to you. Cigna will waive your share of the cost. (All others pay full price.)

To order the at-home, nasal swab Pixel test by LabCorp: 

  1. Order the kit online from pixel.labcorp.com

  2. Click Get Started and complete the online screening.

  3. When asked, click “I’d like to use my insurance or I am uninsured.”

  4. Provide the requested information, including your Cigna insurance information.

LabCorp will mail your specimen kit to you. Follow the detailed instructions provided for collecting and returning your own specimen.

Results are available one to three days after the sample is received at the lab. You must be age 18 or older. This offer is not available in Puerto Rico.

For up-to-date information and resources, visit our COVID-19 Resource Center at Cigna.com/COVID19.

See the Dentist from Home 

Cigna Dental Virtual Care, powered by The TeleDentists®, is a video chat service that gives you access to urgent dental consults while minimizing your risk of COVID-19 exposure. 

Through this service, licensed dentists can triage urgent situations such as pain, infection, and swelling, and guide you on next steps — all while you stay safely at home. If necessary, the dentist will prescribe medications, such as antibiotics and non-narcotic pain relievers.

As of August 1, 2020, each consult through the Cigna Dental Virtual Care portal will be 100% covered at the in-network benefit level. No copay or coinsurance payment is required!

To take advantage of Cigna Dental Virtual Care, log on to your myCigna account.

Virtual Screenings Make It Easier to Get Preventive Care

Getting the preventive care you need is a great way to stay healthy. It’s also 100% covered by your Equifax medical plan (in-network). Cigna is making it easier to get preventive care with virtual wellness screenings through MDLIVE. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to myCigna.com, locate the “Talk to a doctor or nurse 24/7” callout and click “Connect Now.”

  2. Complete the MDLIVE online health assessment.

  3. Choose a participating, in-network lab and schedule an appointment.

  4. Choose an MDLIVE provider and schedule the virtual visit.

  5. Go to lab appointment. You’ll receive a notification when your results are available in the MDLIVE customer portal.

  6. Attend the virtual visit from anywhere via phone or video. After your appointment, you’ll receive a summary of your screening results for your records.

Don’t Forget About These Other Services!

These services are available at no cost, to employees and dependents covered by an Equifax medical plan.

  • Symptom Checker — The Buoy for Cigna Symptom Checker provides real-time, clinically accurate information that can help identify risk for COVID-19. Start Your Assessment 

  • FDA-approved Testing — If a health care provider or hospital administers the COVID-19 test and sends the sample to an approved lab for results, Cigna will waive your out-of-pocket costs. Find a COVID-19 testing center

  • Telehealth Visits — If you are concerned about possible COVID-19 symptoms or exposure, use either of Cigna’s telehealth options — Amwell (855-667-9722) or MDLIVE (888-726-3171) — to safely consult with board certified doctors, nurses, and therapists from home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

  • In-network Diagnostic Visits — Cigna is waiving your out-of-pocket costs for in-network COVID-19 diagnostic visits, whether the visit happens at a provider’s office, urgent care center, emergency room, or via virtual care.

  • Treatment — Cigna is waiving your out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 treatments that are covered under Medicare or other applicable state regulations.

  • Prescription Drug Discounts for Those Losing Coverage — Any American who is uninsured can get deep discounts on thousands of widely used prescription medications through Parachute Rx, a temporary savings program launched by Express Scripts®, a health services division of Cigna. Certain restrictions apply. For more information, visit the Parachute Rx website or call toll-free 877-644-0212. Customer service representatives are available 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.

Take Advantage of Prescription Drug Home Delivery!

If you or a covered family member have a chronic health condition and are worried about access to needed medications, remember you can obtain a 90-day supply with free delivery directly to your home through Cigna’s Express Scripts Pharmacy (800-835-3784).



New This Year! Alternative Ways to Safely Get Your Annual Flu Shot 

While we continue to take precautions against COVID-19, we can’t forget about the flu. Employees, their spouses/domestic partners, and their dependent children age 9 and over can receive a free flu shot from the upcoming mobile and virtual immunization events. 

Check the schedule below for locations and dates for the onsite, drive-up mobile events. 








3455 Mill Run Drive


5, 8



1550 Peachtree Street, NW


6, 13



1505 Windward Concourse


7, 14, 21


St. Louis

11432 Lackland Road


12, 15


Earth City

3470 Rider Trail South


20, 23


Des Moines

4300 Westown Parkway


19, 22


Unable to participate in a mobile event? You will be able to access a voucher that you can redeem for a free flu shot at a participating facility near you. The voucher will be valid for use throughout the duration of the current flu season (September 1 – March 1). 

Watch for more detailed information about how to sign up for an appointment and/or how to access the voucher online!

For more information about influenza and how it’s different from COVID-19, see the FAQ about the 2020-2021 Flu Season on cdc.gov.

Don’t Leave Your Health in Lockdown

Fight the “Quarantine 15” 

Check out Cigna’s beWell Personal Health Team for help finding solutions to your healthcare needs, including weight and stress management. beWell is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to all U.S. employees enrolled in one of our medical plan options.

877-459-9896 | myCigna.com

Take Charge of Your Wellness Goals

Cigna’s Health Matters is an interactive health assessment platform that connects you with personalized information, tools, and inspiration.

  • Play a short, online assessment game to identify your health goals

  • Discover personalized recommendations to keep you on target

  • Track important health information, like your BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more

  • Stay motivated with fun activities and rewards for healthy behaviors

Get Started Today!

  1. Log on to myCigna.

  2. Go to the Wellness tab.

  3. Under Tools, select My Health Assessment.

Save on Health and Nutrition Needs 

The Cigna Healthy Rewards program provides you access to discounts on services such as weight and nutrition, exercise and physical fitness, vision and hearing, alternative medicine, and wellness and healthy products.

Using the program is easy. No referrals or claim forms are needed. Visit myCigna or call 800-870-3470. 

Manage COVID-19 Risk Factors with Omada

Diabetes and heart disease can increase the risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Omada is our digital wellness program for employees and family members who are pre-diabetic or at risk for heart disease. There is no cost to participate.

If you qualify, you can receive full-time health coaching, access to programs that adapt to your needs, online support groups, and more. You will even get a wireless smart scale and digital pedometer to support your wellness journey.

To see if you qualify, take the quick quiz at OmadaHealth.com/Equifax.

Dependent Care FSA Changes

Normally, you can only change your Dependent Care FSA election during the year if you experience a qualifying life event. Due to COVID-19, the IRS is allowing you to increase, decrease, or stop funds from being deposited into you Dependent Care FSA for:

  • Reduction in work hours

  • Change in employment status

  • FMLA leave

  • Substantial change in employer benefits/cost

  • Change of cost from the provider

  • Change of provider resulting in change of cost

  • Provider no longer providing care (i.e., summer camp is canceled)

To change your Dependent Care FSA election:



To stop your contributions for the rest of the year, set your annual election amount to match the total amount of deductions already taken as of your most recently issued pay advice.

To ensure you continue to have access to your current Dependent Care FSA balance through the end of this year, do not select to waive further coverage. 

More Ways to Use HSA and Health Care or Limited Purpose FSA Funds

Remember, as of January 1, 2020, menstrual care products and over-the-counter medications can now be purchased with your HSA or Health Care or Limited Purpose FSA funds. A prescription is no longer required. 

Managing Your Finances with Fidelity 

Check out the variety of resources available at Fidelity to help you: 

  • Navigate the ever-evolving changes of life: MENU > LIFE EVENTS

  • Plan for college or build an emergency savings fund: MENU > PLANNING

  • Learn, plan and protect your lifestyle: MENU > LIBRARY

Shop and Save Online!

Need some new gear for home, school, or office? Equifax Extras is the exclusive savings and discount benefit site for Equifax employees. 

Bookmark the site and visit often. New deals and seasonal discounts are added regularly for electronics, appliances, gifts, fitness, and auto/home/pet insurance. Be sure to check out the recently-added discounts under Summer @ Home and Back 2 School where you’ll find deals on educational support resources, personal protection equipment, and more!

Many of us are rebalancing our personal, professional, and family lives as our homes are transformed into our workplaces and schools. 

For guidance and support in handling these challenges, refer to the New Normal After the Pandemic Toolkit available at no cost to all Equifax employees from LifeWorks (username: Equifax | password: lifeworks).

The toolkit is packed with information about coping with change, returning to your workplace, helping others in need, keeping positive habits, and much more.

If You Need Additional Support

All employees:

If you’re enrolled in an Equifax Medical Plan option, you can also:

  • Download the secure Talkspace smartphone app and privately talk, text, and video conference with dedicated, licensed therapists. Associated service costs fall under Cigna's outpatient behavioral health coverage and are subject to benefit plan cost share. 

  • Call Cigna’s 24-hour toll-free helpline (866-912-1687) to speak with a qualified clinician for support and guidance. For more information, visit Cigna.com

Supporting Coworkers 

If you know a coworker who is struggling with pain or loss, see these tips from Cigna for supporting coworkers after a traumatic event

Resources for Managers

The Cigna Disaster Resource Center provides information to help you prepare for the unexpected, stay connected, deal with stress, and support employees. Scroll to Disaster Resources by Topic > Employer and Manager Resources.

Recognize the Unsung Heroes of Equifax via Bravo!

We’re all juggling a lot these days. Take a moment to encourage and support your peers via Bravo! or the easily accessible EZ Thanks app.

Bravo! points can be used to purchase electronics, home office furniture, gym equipment, patio furniture, tools for your home and garden, food delivery, and so much more. 

The EZ Thanks app lets you send a recognition and shop the Bravo! catalog right from your smartphone or tablet.

Managers! Remember to include discretionary points in your shout-outs as an added “thank you”, “congratulations”, or note of encouragement to your team.  

Supporting Your Family 

Refer to these helpful resources for tips and practical advice on a variety of topics.

From Lifeworks

Helping Your Kids Adjust to Going Back to School After Lockdown (username: Equifax | password: lifeworks)

From Cigna

Stress Reactions and Self-Care Strategies

Disaster Resource Center — see the sections on Family Preparedness, Helping Children Cope, and Self-Care and Support