Equifax 401(k) Plan

Prepare for a financially healthy retirement with the Equifax 401(k) Plan. 

The plan lets you contribute on a before-tax and after-tax basis, and offers more than 20 investments funds to choose from. 

You are eligible to participate as of your date of hire. 

If you are a benefit-eligible new hire, you can enroll right away. If you don’t enroll within 45 days after your date of hire, you will automatically be enrolled to contribute 3% of your eligible pay on a before-tax basis. If you were hired or rehired on or after January 1, 2019, your contributions will increase 1% automatically every year up to 10%. 

You may contribute from 1% to 30% of your eligible pay, up to the IRS maximum limit.

Your contributions are made automatically through deductions from your paycheck.

You may stop, start, or change your contributions at any time by entering your elections on Fidelity’s website.

There are three types of contributions you may make it to your 401(k) Plan. For more information about the taxation of your benefits, see the Withdrawals section below.


Do contributions reduce your current taxable pay?

Is your money taxed upon taking a distribution from the plan?



Your full distribution (both contributions and applicable investment earnings) are taxed.

After-tax (Roth)


If you meet Roth eligibility, none of your distribution will be taxed.

Traditional After-tax


Only the investment earnings are taxed.

Equifax intends to match 100% of your total contributions to the 401(k) Plan, up to 5% of your pay, if you are a regular full-time or part-time U.S. salaried or hourly employee.

To take full advantage of this match and receive the maximum contribution to 401(k), you will need to contribute 5% of your pay. Matching contributions are generally made annually in the first quarter of the following year.


Note: To the extent summary information  on this site conflicts with the terms of the underlying legal plan documents, the terms of the legal plant documents shall prevail.

Contact Information


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Call 800-354-3419 to speak with a Fidelity adviser