Catch the little things before they become big things

Preventive care includes screenings and wellness exams that help diagnose and treat certain diseases before they become more serious. When received from doctors in our network, your Equifax medical plan will pay 100%. 

What Preventive Care Is Covered

For a detailed list of preventive care services and what’s covered, check out the Cigna Preventive Health Care guide. You and your doctor will determine what tests and health screenings are right for you based on your age, gender, personal health history, and current health.

Join the Cigna Healthy Babies Program Get $150 for Your HSA

Expecting Moms! As a member of the Cigna Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies® program, you can get live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling the number on your Cigna ID card and logging in to

To get the $150 HSA contribution, you must be enrolled in an HSA-eligible Equifax medical plan, and you must have activated your HSA through Fidelity. 

To enroll: Call 800-615-2906 as soon as you know you are pregnant.

For help with your HSA: Call 800-544-3716 to speak with a Fidelity HSA specialist.

Get a Free Breast Pump! 

Once you reach the 28th week of pregnancy, you can qualify for a breast pump at no additional cost through one of our many approved breast pump providers

For delivery, allow two weeks from receipt of required documentation

Provider Website Phone Number
AdaptHealth (formerly McKesson) https://pcs.adapthea 844-993-3740
Aeroflow 844-867-9890
Edgepark 855-504-2099
Healthy Baby Essentials 888-495-7491
Medline Industries 800-633-5463
Yummy Mummy 212-879-8669
Pumping Essentials 866-688-4203
Are You in Florida?
BayCare is the only provider who coordinates breast pump services for residents in the following Florida counties: Hillsborough, Pasco or Pinellas. Please call 800-940-5151 to order your pump.

Certain Treatments for Gum Diseases and Tooth Decay 

If you are currently under treatment by a doctor for any of the conditions below, the Cigna Dental Oral Health Integration Program® will reimburse your out-of-pocket costs for specific dental services used to treat gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Heart disease

  • Stroke

  • Diabetes

  • Maternity

  • Chronic kidney disease

  • Organ transplants

  • Head and neck cancer radiation

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Sjogren's Syndrome

  • Lupus

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

  • Huntington's disease

  • Opioid misuse and addiction

To participate, you must be enrolled in the Equifax dental plan and you must sign up. Log in to and find the information at the bottom of your dental coverages page. Or, mail in the completed enrollment form.
Services received prior to enrollment are not eligible for reimbursement.

Are you brushing your teeth right? Find out here

Your Personal Care Team Is Standing By

Grand Rounds can find you a doctor, get you an expert second opinion, explain your insurance benefits, and more — and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

What Is Grand Rounds?

Grand Rounds is a free benefit that’s part of your Equifax medical plan. Their services are designed to guide you through the choices and questions you have about your care, costs, and coverage.



It’s Free, Safe & Secure

  • Find a doctor
  • Tackle a bill
  •  Make sense of your benefits
  • Get a second opinion
  • Understand your diagnosis

When to Use Grand Rounds?

When you need a doctor. Your Grand Rounds care coordinator will connect you with the most qualified provider for your need, book your appointment, and even give you a list of questions to ask your doctor about your condition.
When you need a second opinion. Grand Rounds works with top specialists in the nation. They’ll gather your records for review, and get you an expert second opinion on treatment.
When you need advice. Grand Rounds clinicians will return your call within a day to answer your health-related questions. 

Meet Your Team


Grand Rounds puts world-class doctors at your fingertips. Your team of doctors, nurses, care coordinators, and billing specialists will work together to guide you to the best possible solutions for you and your family. They’re on call 24/7, so you’ll never be alone in your health care journey.


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