The Future Is Bright for Those You Love Most

Every caregiver has struggled at some point with needing help to care for their loved ones. For example, the babysitter is sick and you need vetted, quality childcare on short notice, or it’s time for a parent to move in during their sunset years, or you want someone who will love your fur-baby as well as you do while you’re out of town. Where do you turn? As an Equifax employee, you get waitlist priority and waived or reduced membership fees to resources that will address each of these concerns through Bright Horizons.

Back-up Care for Children and Adults

You get 10 subsidized days of back-up care per year:

  • Center-based care – $15 per child, per day ($25 for two or more children per day)
  • Home-based care – $6 per hour for up to three children (four-hour minimum; 10-hour maximum per day)
Babysitter or Nanny Placement

Equifax employees may take advantage of free memberships to Sittercity for short- or long-term childcare, and to Right At School for before- or after-school care. Employees also receive a reduced membership fee to Jovie for sitter or nanny placement.

Academic Support and Enrichment

If your student needs academic support or test prep assistance, you may exchange back-up care days for tutoring sessions and pay a $15 copayment for up to four hours of intervention.

Household Support

When you’re looking for pet care, housekeeping, or home repair services, you can connect with reliable, experienced candidates in your area through Sittercity.