ID Watchdog from Equifax

We are excited to offer ID Watchdog from Equifax, an award-winning identity protection service, to you and your family at no charge. 

The ID Watchdog® Platinum Plus service provides:
  • Detection: You will receive alerts to key changes in your credit files so if unrecognized, you can respond quickly to help stop a problem before it grows.
  • Control: You will be covered with lock features1 for added control over your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports to help better protect against identity thieves opening new accounts in your name.
  • Cybersecurity: You can access the internet securely and privately with a personal VPN account and get high-speed, encrypted connections on up to six devices at the same time.
Support: If you become a victim of identity theft, certified resolution specialists will fully manage your case until your identity is restored.

The ID Watchdog® Family Plan helps you better protect your loved ones of all ages under your roof or financial responsibility, including those not currently covered under your Equifax benefits. Once your enrollment takes effect you will receive an email from ID Watchdog® with instructions on how to add your family members.

You can take pride in the Power of Equifax which has enabled ID Watchdog® to provide innovative features including:
  • Multi-Bureau Lock
  • Subprime Loan Block within the monitored network
  • Equifax Child Credit Monitoring
  • Online Equifax Child Credit Lock

Enroll in Workday
  1. Click the "Benefits" worklet to access "Change Benefits".
  2. Enter the Change Reason = "Identity Theft Protection Changes".
  3. Enter the effective date = today’s date.
  4. Click Submit to start the enrollment task.
  5. You can access the enrollment task in your Workday inbox, or click "Open" on the pop up box that's available immediately after you finish the prior step (#4).
  6. Click "Let's Get Started" to open the event.
  7. Click "Enroll" to view your ID Watchdog® plan options.
  8. Select either the Family or Individual plan and then Confirm and Continue.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Review and Sign.
  11. Check Accept Electronic Signature and then Submit.
Within a few days of receiving your enrollment selection from Workday, ID Watchdog will send you a welcome email with additional details on completing your profile, adding dependents, etc.