Back-Up Care & Additional Family Supports

Equifax employees have access to 10 back-up care uses through Bright Horizons at a discounted rate! 

Bring your child to a Bright Horizons in-network facility or have a care provider come to your home for your children or other family members. 

Also access great tools, such as:
  • Caregiver search
  • Virtual academic support
  • Preferred enrollment at Bright Horizons centers
  • Discounted tuition at participating childcare centers nationwide
  • Nanny placement services
  • Elder care resources
  • Pet sitter and housekeeping resources
There are three ways to enroll in Bright Horizons:
  1. Online: Visit and select “Join Today”)
  2. App: Download the “Back-Up Care” app. Employer Username: Equifax | Employer Password: Backupcare
  3. Call: 877-BH-CARES (877-242-2737) - Care Consultants are available 24/7