A regular oral health check can do more than keep your smile clean and healthy. Some researchers say it can help identify early signs of diseases, such as diabetes, leukemia, and more.

You have a choice between two dental plan options:

  • Dental PPO Enhanced
  • Dental PPO

Both plans are administered by Cigna. And, both plans allow you to visit any dentist you choose. However, you’ll save money when you receive care from an in-network service provider.

The main differences between these plans are that the Dental PPO does not cover orthodontia and it has a lower annual maximum benefit.

Dental PPO Enhanced

Dental PPO

In-network deductible

$50 per person

$150 per family

$50 per person

$150 per family

What you pay for preventive care
(e.g., cleanings and exams)



What you pay for general services
(e.g., fillings)

10% after deductible

20% after deductible

What you pay for major services
(e.g., crowns and root canals)

40% after deductible

50% after deductible

What you pay for orthodontia services

50% after $50 deductible

Not covered

Lifetime orthodontia maximum

$2,000 per person

Not covered

Annual benefit maximum

$2,000 per person

$1,500 per person

Coverage Options

  • Employee only
  • Employee + one dependent
  • Employee + two or more

Note: To the extent summary information on this site conflicts with the terms of the underlying legal plan documents, the terms of the legal plan documents shall prevail.

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